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    Hi I'm currently on windows...and absolutely can't stand it much anymore :\

    just wondering if my hardware setup will work with Linux Mandrake 10.1 or 10.0 ok...

    I have:

    AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton
    Gigabyte nForce2 chipset mobo
    Internal 40gb Maxtor and Internal Seagate 300GB
    Sony 4x DVD-RW (+ and -) 510A
    NVIDIA GeForce 5200 Ultra 128mb Graphics Card
    Sound Blaster Live 5.1

    The question I have on my External closure drive...

    Vantec Nexstar USB 2.0 Enclosure

    it has a 160gb drive in it...

    the problem before was...I had SuSE 9.1 Personal, and evertime I wanted to access the drive, I would have to remount it in Terminal...

    and...I wasn't able to add or Delete files from the drive...

    will Mandrake automatically detect that drive, and let me have full access to it?

    Will I be able to access my 300GB and External 160GB eventhough they are NTFS?

    sorry about the n00b questions...I just want to switch to an OS that is better then Windows...hehe

    all I really need from Windows is Wolf ET which I know is available for Linux so I'm not too worried about that...

    thank you in advance for the help


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    I believe they have a hardware compatibility list on thier website (at least they did when it was still Mandrake). Check to see if your hardware is there:

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Hi, if you plug in the drive, SuSE would have to detect it automatically and will open up a Konqueror window. I used 9.2 and it did it without problems - if you didn't choose a version yet then go for the 9.3 version, because in 9.2 USB-disk support is a bit buggy (lockups and so on).

    Make sure your drive has a linux-compatible fs on it though

    And please cut down on the ..., it's rather annoying to read.
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    Just about any desktop system (especially if you built it) will run fine on linux

    the only thing you need to looik out for (and you will see this everywhere if you spend any amount of time on this webpage) is that ATI cards WILL NOT work well under linux. I have yet to own a system with an nVidia card, so I have been limited to a 1280x1024 desktop and no 3d support with my ATI cards

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