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    Is SLI worth it?

    I'm about to buy a new computer, and am looking at graphics cards

    the two I am looking at are both XFX cards with dual DVI output and PCI Express 16x interface

    one is a GeForce 6600 w/ 256mb RAM for $123
    and the other is a 6600GT w/ 128mb RAM, but supports SLI for $169

    I'm only buying one card for now, but I was thinking about adding a second card later if I go for the SLI card, but I'm trying to decide if it would be worth the money.

    Really, what I want to know is: With just one card, which of the above cards would perform better?

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    Obviously the sli card supports one thing the other doesn't SLI

    question you have to ask yourself is, do you need a powerfull graphics card

    Normally this means will you be doing any of the following:
    - Playing the latest graphically intense game of 2010
    - Serious 3D Modelling/Rendering/Animation
    - Movie related stuff such as editing etc.

    if the answer is yes then you should upgrade your graphics card, I personally am going to get an SLI card, I have asked the same question you have at my local hardware shop (not pc, but a team of REAL experts).
    they've run benchmarks of the latest top spec cards, and receive a 20% increase using SLI. at the minute i'd say just get whichever is cheaper as these cards are still a little expensive, and the 7 series nvidia cards are out now meaning 6 series cards will come down in price a hell of alot

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