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    Yes, I tried at a PC store, and to my great surprise, I was actually utterly disappointed. I had had very high hopes for them, but woe be me. Even the 30" Cinema Display had poor color depth and a slight FOV issue, and the resolution was just 2560x1600. Not that that's little or anything, but I had expected a lot more from a 30" display. 2560x1600 is just 100 DPI on a 30" monitor. Even this old CRT of mine can handle 133 DPI.

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    I prefer the commodity of TFT's, for the space they take, for the reduced power consumption, and for my health - i follow TechieMoe on that, I hate the flickering of CRT's.

    I've got 2 TFT's now, a rather old IBM 15" (bought second-hand, a few dead pixels but they don't bother me at all, it's from 2001 and still working fine), and a shiny 19" Sony (an SDM-HS95PB to be precise ) - with a glass plate, TechieMoe . It's a top quality monitor (paid much for it, so it better be!), and the glass plate should get you a better, deeper black amongst others... Anyway, can't compare to other 19" TFT's, but I've done some research before I bought it, and I'm satisfied with it - great colors and such!

    Recently I lost one (or all?) color tubes on my CRT television, but in the future I plan to use a TFT screen for watching tv, like I now watch movies... Maybe a bigger one than my 19" TFT, once the prices for 20" and beyond drops, who knows
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    Prefer CRTs personally. I recently bought two Envision LCDs, and one of them sits in the closet (I set it aside in favor of my old 19" CRT).

    CRT picture is more clear; I can live with the extra space it takes up.

    As for reliability, I haven't had problems with either.

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    For me, CRTs only.
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