Howdy all,

I have recently purchased a 200G usb 2.0 hdd. I have been trying to set it up with a raid 0 configuration with 2 other smaller, ide drives.

I can get the configuration up and running just fine (originally using suse, now moved to fedora) but when i reboot the configuration dies. I'm stuck with a raid 0 of my other 2 drives and my usb drive separate.

In order to get back to raid i have to re-format the usb drive as software raid and add it back in.

This is a real pain because it means anything that i had saved on the raid configured setup is now gone.

I was wondering if anyone else has done something like this? On googling all i get are raid enclosures.

My theory is that the usb driver is not loaded before the raid device is "created" so it is not included. I was pretty sure i had disabled the automount on suse, but not positive. I've been using this machine as a server and its been up for the past week.... until last night when some updates caused a kernel panic that i don't feel like researching so i'm installing fedora 4 tonight. (slightly bad experience with suse)

During the setup of fedora 4 the usb drive was not even recognized so i'm assuming i'm going to have to reformat with raid when i get the system up and running

Any input is helpful.