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    Anyone having issues with udev rules and 2.6.12?

    and not the 'ub' low speed driver issue,

    but with 2.6.11.* my pendrive used to plug in and get assigned '/dev/usb/stick' a rule I made myself, now this used to work 100% fine, anyway now on .12 it completely ignores that rule and just gets assigned /dev/sd[a,b] or whatever.

    Anyone noticed this too? (Slack 10.1 official with patches)

    I'm sure it'll get fixed if its a simple kernel issue, they seem to mess about a lot with the USB mass-storage side of things.

    thanks a lot.

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    Can you post the rule?

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    kernow@ulysses:~$ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/udev.rules | grep stick
    # usb stick added by kernow
    BUS="usb", SYSFS{serial}="08C1FA4122326956", NAME="usb/stick"
    # end usb stick

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    udev is still BUGGY!.......

    it was ok back around the 2.6.8 kernel
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    it was fine on 2.6.11.* too

    as in rock solid.. my ipod rule still works

    I have had no problems with udev before, I usually find it very good.

    can't see why my rule is getting ignored now suddenly though

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    went from 2.6.12 -> - no fix

    even altered my rule and changed the identifier from {serial} to {model} et cetera. . no fix

    I am considering resorting to 2.6.11 or something, but thats a bit.. meh

    theres no new udev out in the offcial slackware 10.1 tree, so I'm not going to upgrade..

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    Yep, from what I've been reading here and there, these issues have been popping up for lots of people using various distros. I went back to 2.6.11 and all seems okay again.

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    thanks for your reply, maybe thats the only thing to do right now

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    went back to 2.6.11 too, and everythings working superbly

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    Quote Originally Posted by kern
    went back to 2.6.11 too, and everythings working superbly
    Glad that worked for you. Just noticed that udev 064 came out today. I've not tried it just yet, but maybe it will fix the issues.

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