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    Harddrives & CDRom Drive

    I have two 4 GB hardrives. I have windows on one and plan to install linux on the other, but when I put both the HD the CDDrive didn't get any power to it when I pushed the button the tray didn't open is there a way to fix this promblem

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    If the drive works, and if it's getting power (check the connector), during boot-up, you should be able to open the tray (does the light come on?). There are times during booting that the tray won't open, but at some point, before an OS gets launched, you should be able to open the tray. If not, after making sure the power connector is good (the ribbon cable doesn't matter here), try disconnecting other power users. If it works then, maybe you need more power than you have.

    Now if it's a really old CD drive, it may not open until the OS launches, but you probably don't have one that old!
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    Well the cd drive is pretty new and I don't think the light comes on when both HD drives are connected, the computer is kinda of old, so it might not have enough power, but with only one HD I can open the drive during boot

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    how big of a power supply does it have?

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    What do you mean by how big the power supply is

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    I believe how many watts it is.

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    I don't know, it is an old computer, but I will check

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