ok, i got a HP PSC 2355 to replace my broken PSC 500. i plugged it in and YaST detected it. i printed something off from OpenOffice which stated that there was a "Error" with the printer but printed anyway. this morning when i switched on the computer it refused to boot, freezing just before it tries to load GRUB. even using the boot CD wouldn't work as it was not even trying to boot from a disc. when i selected the Boot Menu (F11) one of hte boot devices was HP PSC 2355 USB Printer (!). i unplugged it and it worked. i then replugged it in a different port and YaST configured it again. i haven't restarted yet, but i'll tell you the results. any reason why this may be happening?

EDIT: OK, it still wasn't working so i changed the BIOS settings and disabled USB legacy support. this got the machine to boot up and the printer works fine under windows. i will test it under linux and post the results. will disabling USB legacy support do anything bad (ie blow my computer up lol)?

oh and windows is recognising the 2355 as a hard drive (removable hard disc (E) which is strange. it has to be the printer because no other storage devices are plugged in (apart from the DVD Recorder and HDD)

EDIT 2: dunno if anyone will ever read this but the printer prints stuff off fine in linux now, but firefox has stopped working 0_o dunno if it related...