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    Firewire drive -- filesystem?

    I purchased a WD 160GB USB 2.0/Firewire disk that I want to throw on my Debian server for network storage. I would also like to be able to pull the drive and pop in my fiancée's PowerBook or take it up to my parents to copy stuff to my dad's Windows box.

    Now I am wondering about filesystems. To support all three operating systems I am going to need to go FAT32 I guess. What's the maximum partition size Linux supports for FAT32? Am I going to lose a lot of space due to FAT32's inefficiencies?

    Any other choices?

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    i haven't had any problems with partition sizes on FAT32. however, i seem to remember hearing that FAT32 only supports upto 40GB.

    In which case, what you could do is just partition the 120GB drive into say 4x30GB partitions, or 3x40GB etc. Either way, you have a completely FAT32 drive.

    But to be honest, i'd have a bash at formattin it for FAT32 completely first
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    I think FAT32 theortically can do 2 terabytes but Win98 can only create volumes at 124.5GB. Windows 2000/XP will only create 32GB FAT32 partitions.

    I could swear the drive shipped with a 160GB FAT32 volume. Maybe WD was a util to format it. Also, the max file size if 4GB which is pretty lousy.

    How's Linux NTFS support these days. That may be an option.

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