I have an MSI motherboard with onboard Promise FastTrak 133 Raid. It seems to be decient enough as I've used it in windows with no noticable cpu increase. While I'm not ready to try linux on a raid array, only being able to have 4 ide devices is extremly restrictive.

I'd like to be able to move my data (non-system) drive onto the raid so I can add another cd drive. (swapping ide cables all the time isn't fun) Unfortunatly it seems my raid isn't good enough that a single drive on the raid controller still seems to need extra drivers.
There's also the added advantage that my insecure windows partition withought raid drivers won't be able to see it and not even to reformat or symilar evil things. ;)

I've searched around a bit but everythings a bit overwhelming. Would someone be able to give me a few steps or a brief outline on how to get linux to recognise the drive on the raid so I have more idea on what I'm doing and where to start. Thanks.

I'm using debian Sarge with Kernel package 2.6.11-1-k7