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    Graphics card shopping

    I am converting my current computer from Windows to Linux and am looking for a good video card that will give me high resolution (1600x1200) in 2d with possibly in the future some use in 3d. I am looking at the nVidia GeForce FX5500 and want to know if it there would be any real difference or ease in installation between a PCI vs. AGP version?

    My computer is Asus MB, P4 1.6 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM

    Any recommendations?



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    AGP above PCI at all costs. Unless, of course, you have PCI-X then get that. AGP means Accelerated Graphics port and is designed to be where you put your graphics card whereas PCI is for everything else. AGP has a direct link with the processor so it get the data through quicker whereas PCI has to go through another chip (if someone can remind me which one I would be glad to know) before it gets to the PCI.
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    Thanks...AGP it is then.

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