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    Update: 386 still dead. Project dead. Unable to get clock plus it's not worth it.

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    u can low-level format, right
    and you'll be tempted to check for bad sectors too
    unfortunately, when u format in ext2, and then isntall, it wont remember where were the marked bad spots.
    u'll just must do all over again and remark them to not use..

    my advice is...
    put the disk in other (better, please) computer
    in the BIOS define it as NORMAL ( old bios don't know what LBA is, so u must do that exactly with same way the target machine reads the disk)
    format and mark the bad sectors (use knoppix, fsck ... )
    < the format & mark are at least 2 steps.. one for check, other to write them .. i cant remember any more .. sorry >
    install the machine
    put the disk back to the old machine

    put at least a fan on the cpu of the computer.. it will get very hot

    i made that experiences wtih a 486 sx 33MHz, 4 MB RAM ... i installed a defaul pentium kernel
    it took 15 minutes to boot up
    after that it cames impossible to manage. it take very much time to a letter pressed appear on the screen...then, while shutting down, it overheated and a sort of blast came out of the (already open, i just putted the disk in) case.

    read some notes on low-spec machines first
    i used at the time (1999/2000) suse 7,
    i used to install the system, a pentiumIII@500MHz 256 MB RAM

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