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    HardDrive & MotherBoard

    Will you need a new motherboard to install a hardrive that can hold over 100GB

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    Y ou need to get a motherboard or drive controller card that is designed for 48bit LBA tranlations.

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    So I will need a to get a newer motherboard for a bigger harddrive

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    want to buy new motherboard and SATA harddrives

    Who can recommend me what to buy or where to find the proper information? I want to buy new SATA harddrives, SATA controller new processor(s) and motherboard. I am a Mac user but am now setting up a HTTP server based on LINUX. The installation went fine, everything works (apache2, mysql and php) but now i want to upgrade the hardware.

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    regards from holland


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    The limit isn't 100GB, it's 137GB, if that helps. I'm not sure exactly how recent the motherboard must be to go beyond that, but I think anything within the past two or three years will be okay. The operating system also matters; any 2.6 kernel should be fine. But if you try to write or format beyond the 137 limit without proper support, you could end up destroying unrelated data at the beginning of the filesystem.

    I don't know if this will tell you anything useful as it's mainly a windows reference, but...
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    I have a pretty old motherboard, its not really old, but old to where it won't support anything over 4GB, I think

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