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    RAID0 Stripe Size

    im using the 3ware 8506-4LP with 4 WD 250 GB Caviar Drives(7200rpm).. What would be the ideal stripe size for :

    -reiser 4

    does the file system make a difference? whats the best stripe fo rlinux in general..everyday desktop use..

    my options are from 64k all the way upto 1MB

    ive read that 64k is ideal for windows..

    with the 4-way raid, im getting 100MB/s in HDTach with a stripe size of 512KB (which seems a little low)

    my current plan is to use 2 of the drives with a stripe size of 64k with windows and the other two with linux.. im a general desktop user, bit of divx encoding and lots of compiling. Im using the AMD FX-55 with 2GB of RAM

    so what would be an ideal linux stripe size?

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    I don't know how linux is affect by stripe size but for Windows either use 32k or 64k. Do you already have Linux installed on this array? If so which distro? I know with SuSE 9.3 it doesn't see my array but sees the 4 individual drives.

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    that seems to be mostly cause you might be using a promise/silicon image controller which is usually just pseudo-hardware raid / softare raid(and made specifically for windows)

    3ware has native linux support..

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