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    Microphone interference solutions?

    I have a problem where when I talk VOIP programs I get all kinds of background noise that bugs the people I am talking to. This started when I installed a 10k RPM hard drive and got worse when I installed another fan.

    I know that I can install little rubber thingies around the fans to cancel out vibrations, but what is there for hard drives and what else can I do to fix my microphone?

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    Does this noise also comes up when you playback audio files with microphone turned off? If yes, then you may want to upgrade your soundcard. Note that most integrated and low cost pci soundcards are very sensitive to hdd spins etc.

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    I have the microphone muted in the playback volume control, but I get this wierd noise that sounds like a fan (or just a fast, consistant, repeating thump) when I turn my headphone volume up (there is a little dial on the headphones for volume control).


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