I experiemented to see if one of my mobos had the right usb header connection. My tests proved successful (or so it seems). I booted into Slackware as per normal, i didnt notice anything unusual come up onscreen. When i had plugged my flash drive into the newly put-in usb header, i mounted it as per normal. And it gave me this:

mount: /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device
ok, so i tried plugging in my mp3 player. Same thing happened. However, a BIG BLACK STREAK was across the mp3 players screen.

i turned on my mp3 player as i thought it was damaged, and i found that the battery had been flattened. A new battery fixed it.

I rebooted and changed a setting in the CMOS for "USB function for DOS". i turned it off.

after rebooting into slackware again, i tested the usb ports again. This time the flash drive worked, but the mp3 player did the same thing as the first time that i plugged it in.

my question: What the hell is wrong? (btw, i did upgrade the ram from 64mb to 128mb)

any help will be appreciated, i have a cousin coming to see this computer in action on sunday and would like to have it working.