Hi guys/gals. I'm new here and I tried posting these questions on lots of different Linux forums, but I didn't solve this problem.
I'm trying to install Wacom Intuos 3 tablet on my gf's computer running SuSE 9.3. Now I did try linuxwacom project and google, spent quite a few hours with this problem, so please read on as I'm not one to just asks for help because I wouldn't feel like solving the problem myself

Here is what I initially wrote on some other Linux forum :
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So here's my problem. I finally managed to get my gf to switch OS from Windows to SuSE 9.3 and guess what, she likes it a lot ... but, she is an artist and so, obviously, she needs a support for her Wacom Intuos 3 tablet.
I searched these forums and Internet and I guess I got quite far with installing the darn thing, but now I'm totally stuck and I would appreciate any help from you Linux wizards.

I managed to get RPM package from Novell site(Linuxwacom RPM), installed it and it seems that the drivers installation went OK, as I can access the tablet's configuration panel from YAST. BUT, whatever I do there(settings, etc...) the tablet still reacts like a second mouse or something. I mean, I did switch the setting to "absolute" (from relative), and nothing. I looked through various answers and tutorials, tried to uninstall all mice from sax2(I think I followed the procedure I found here), then installed mouse again and added tablet. Still no change in behaviour. I tried to look into Linuxwacom source(to recompile the driver), but it seems, the documentation is not "detailed enough" for guys like me who are just barely starting to tinker with "Linux internals" - heck even the XF86Config doesn't exist in 9.3 (replaced by xorg.conf if I recall correctly) and small stuff like this. I am willing to try recompiling again(if really needed), but would really appreciate any pointers to the directions of a good step-by-step tutorial or maybe direct help in this thread.

So, anyone got any ideas of what I should do to make the tablet behave like, well, the tablet and not a mouse?

Cyber beer for anyone who can help me out here as I would really love to see my gf stay with Linux and not run away back to the "evil OS"

P.S. English is not my native language so I apologize for any mistakes in spelling, gramar, etc...
P.S. 2 : I hope Hardware is appropriate section for this thread. If not, then please move it to Linux-newbie or somewhere.
Sooo...as you can see I couldn't make the tablet work with RPM driver package. So I stuck with linuxwacom project from now on although I got quite a few problems trying to compile the thing.
So, my next post there was this:

Quote Originally Posted by LaLinea
OK guys let me try the different approach. I will again try to recompile/install the drivers from linuxwacom project and will ask about the specific errors/warnings/strange things I encounter.

So for the first one, I already noticed strange thing if following the documentation.
All is OK until the time when I have to execute xxd commands.
We are interested in two devices, mouse0 and event0.

[root@ayukawa root]# cd /dev/input
[root@ayukawa input]# ls -la mouse0 event0
crw-------    1 root     root      13,  64 Aug 30 16:31 event0
crw-------    1 root     root      13,  32 Aug 30 16:31 mouse0
[root@ayukawa input]# xxd mouse0
xxd: mouse0: No such device
[root@ayukawa input]# xxd event0
xxd: event0: No such device
As soon as I execute xxd mouse0 ... the konsole stops responding and just waits(I need to use Ctrl-C to get back to prompt). So ...how do I approach this?
It says in the docs that you shold try rmmod evdev a few more times if that happens but if I do that I get "Module evdev does not exist........" message which kindda indicates that rmmod command worked. or am I just looking at these thing from the wrong angle?
Linux SuSE 9.3 with Kernel 2.6.11 is the system by the way.

Come on guys it must be some Linux guru here lurking about I'm desperate
... and that was it. No reply from anyone to this one so I thought I try asking here. As I pointed out in posts above, the main problem seems to be mouse driver hijacking the wacom tablet or something, because if I install RPM driver package, the driver installs fine and I can set Wacom tablet in SAX2, but changing the setup of the tablet doesn't have ANY effect and the debug tools report that there are no tablets found (although the tablet is responding like mouse on steroids, but with no extra functions like absolute settings, pressure......).

So, anyone willing to get me through this nightmare?