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    winmodem on Mandrake 10.1

    hi, i'm new to linux and i'm not able to make my modem work...

    my kernel is

    i have a lucent/agere winmodem and i download drivers for it.
    i read on the readme that i need serial_core and crc32 modules!
    i don't know what they are and how to get them..

    do i need to compile the kernel?
    is there a solution to install only these modules without re-compile kernel?

    if someone can help me......

    thanks guys..

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    i don't know if the problem is the one i say in my last post...

    i've just tried using 2 of the driver for my modem i found
    and both have the same problem:
    they use files with .ko extention

    i've follow the readme files and in both case i have an error like:

    file.ko: invalid module format

    what do i have to do to use this modules?
    please someone answer me....

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    winmodems are for win applications

    because your trying to use a winmodem in linux your not going to have the win support you need
    the winmodems use part of windows to make it work, thats the reason they are 10 or 15 dollars a few years ago we were spending about 100 bucks for a modem that would blaze our packets to the net at 14 to 32k
    what you can do is look around second hand stores for a old external modem, I have seen lots of em, second choice is to buy one. then you have a whole modem and linux can configure it

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    but... why do i have to buy a new modem if there is the way to make it work...!??

    i'm not able because i'm new to linux,
    but i found drivers that someone made to make my modem work....!
    if someone did it, why can't i?

    i just need to know what modules i need and how to install....

    can anybody say it to me?

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    Here is a good start:

    Best of luck. In my own case I ultimately wound up replacing my winmodem with an external (hardware) modem.

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    visit - but the driver for the specific modem chipset only offers its FREE connection with 14.0kbps i think... u have to purchase the entire accommodation for you to surf happily... or better yet.. inquire bout dsl or wifi subscriptions..
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