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    kdeprint print test not working


    i was able to add a printer using either the kdeprint or web but when i try to test print, nothing happens.

    i also issue the console command lpstat -p -d and showed that the printer installed is idle and ready for printing.

    here's my machine info:

    bayanihanlinux (a redhat8 filipino version)
    hp deskjet 3845

    any help please..


    btw, i tried to print using cups

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    Try this:

    1.log in as root.

    2.Attach a printer to your Linux computers parallel (printer) port.

    3.Start the printer configuration tool by clicking the GNOME Menu button and choosing System Settings-->Printing.

    4.To add a printer click the New button.(when the introductory Add a new print queue window appears, click the forward button)

    5.The new print queue window appears(enter a descriptive queue name and description of the queue or just use the default name which is "printer"

    6.Click the forward buttonand you go to the Queue type window.

    7.Assuming that your device is directly connected to your computer, you see the device name /dev/1p0 in the Queue type window. Select the /dev/1p0 device and click the forward button.

    8.Click the Generic(click to select manufacturer) button.

    9.Use the vertical slide bar to locate and select your particular model. Click the forward button.

    10.When you finish the new queue window opens.

    11.Click the apply button. (A question window opens. You will be asked whether you want to print a test page. Click the OK button and a test page is printed. An information window opens and you're prompted to check whether the test page printed successfully)

    12.Click the OK button and you return to the Printer configuration window. You can create an additional print queue or modify existing ones.

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    tnx ric!

    w8, in the Local Lort Lelection section of the add printer wizard, when i click the port where the printer is detected, the URI box displayed "usb://3745". shouldn't it be /dev/usb... or something? i think this is where im having problem.

    ps. i already done your suggestion so many times to no avail


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