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    Soundcard change


    I'm using FC4 and have a SB128PCI which is working fine.
    However I want to remove that card to use it somewhere else and replace it with other cards I have that are collecting dust currently. Either an SB16 ISA (since my linux box is the only one that still has ISA) or a Yamaha WF192 XG.

    I checked with the ALSA site, it seems they are supported. My question is how do I go about making the switch?
    Do I need to uninstall the old card first (how?) or can I just plug it out, add the new one and boot, hoping it will auto-detect? I doubt it so a brief walkthrough would be welcome. I'm not a newbie with hardware but I've never done it before in linux.

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    ALSA multi cards...

    ALSA supports more soundcards at the same time... You should have installed the ALSA libraries (libasound2): these libraries can detect your hardware (supporting more cards at the same time) and can use them concurrently.

    Maybe you need to configure the ALSA library... check this link:

    And surf around... it will help you...
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