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    Hard Disk Woes - Pls help


    I had been using smoothwall firewall on my desktop for about sometime now. i then downloaded, burnt onto a CD and installed Clarkconnect..the home 3 installed normally(while i followed the online tutorial) and gave no errors whatsoever....After it ejected my CD and did a reboot, rather than see a Clarkconnect initial screen, i was still seeing my smoothwall yellow background during bootup.

    it then continued booting and then got to a point and read "failed syncing" and the PC hung up there.

    so thinking my HD had a problem, i decided to format it and do a fresh ClarkConnect install. I formatted it with a Win XP CDrom(as if I wanted to install windows on the HD), collapsed all the partitions and after formatting(no errors reported), before installation stared, while the pc rebooted, i removed my winxp cdrom and plugged in my ClarkConnect installed normally again with no errors reported....and finally i was able to configure it as a gateway etc.....etc...

    QUESTION#1: pls what could have caused my observations(about 1-month now) above...with the clarkconnect software installing( since i saw it "formatting" during the install) and later the same HD on which I 'installed' clark still boots up with smoothwall and later crashes. The HD is a Seagate 40GB.
    QUESTION#2: Any recommended softwares that could be used to correctly format HDsks on which Linux or such firewall software has been installed.

    Last week, I decided to try build a router box, and selecting the RH9 "minimal install" option (instead of a server/workstation options). The same observation as above resulted again. RH installed(the minimal option) and later when the CD ejected, the PC rebooted and I saw the ClarkConnect screen instead of RH, and then it crashed again.

    Pls note: I only have 1-HD in on the PC so im not making mistakes about which HD i installed what on.

    I tried to format the HD using the same method above, all to no avail. What I did was to connect it as a slave to another WinXP hard drive on another PC, and then use the "Administrative tools" option for partitioning to collapse the partitions and format the HD.

    now that ive formatted it, RH9 cant even install anymore.

    pls what advise do you have for me in this dilema.....have you had a similar problem before, what can i do. If the problem is with the HD, what kind of HD(manufacturer) is best for Linux.


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    What do you mean RH9 won't install anymore? Why what happens?

    I see from the ClarkConnect forums that certain controller boards aren't supported. Are you using a controller board for your HDD?

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    what brand of harddrive is it? Most manufacturers have a low level format tool available on their websites. You do require a floppy drive to use those tools though. What a low level format does is, it basicially writes every thing on the drive to a 0. Do this with the drive plugged into the computer you want RH to be installed on.

    The clarkconnect/smoothwall screens you were seeing is probably due to the MBR not being overwritten properly.
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