I bought a mac mini and it has only two USB 2.0 slots. It is the simplest one with neither wireless nor bluetooth support onboard.
So I want to buy a USB wireless keyboard and mouse so than I can have one USB slot free.
I don't want to get a USB hub.

I have two questions:

When you want to boot from DVD-ROM in the mac mini you have to hold the "C" key during the normal boot.
I bought a cheap USB keyboard and with mac mini it does not work but it works with all my other x86 linux boxes.
So, the keyboard and mouse that I should buy must be MAC compatible ?
Is this a firmware problem since there is no BIOS in PPC ?
Up to now the only MAC compatible keyboard that I have found is MS Digital Media Pro but it is not wireless.
But almost all MS keyboard and mouse set are listed as MAC compatible.
I want my keyboard to work also with OS X.

2)I can find only Microsoft and Logitech wireless sets in my country and I don't want to get a set(keyb+mouse) from apple.
Should I buy RF or Bluetooth ?