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    need Motorola sm56 driver on suse 9.3


    I've recently installed the SuSE Linux 9.3 . It works well except for the motorola sm56 modem.
    I can't find drivers for it on suse 9.3 (only suse 9.0)

    Can those drivers be modified somehow to run on suse 9.3?
    Or can anyone help me to get drivers for this version?

    waiting for reply................

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    Re: need Motorola sm56 driver on suse 9.3

    i'll second that, though i'm stuck on suse 9.1 with no internet access (i have the same modem). i've had it installed for several months but haven't been able to use it really because of the lack of modem drivers (the 9.0 driver doesn't seem to work, assuming i installed it correctly). i went to the computer store last night to get a serial modem out of frustration, but they didn't have any (you'd think you could find one for $15 or something), all they had was something for like $80 that said it would work with linux. i'm not paying that much for a modem when i already have one...

    it's really frustrating, cause suse/kde blows windows away.

    i checked the suse hardware database but they have NO motorolla modems listed.

    and i'm guessing that if i ordered suse 10 for $60 or whatever it still wouldn't work.

    doesn't linux want to take over market share from microsoft? is it because motorola has some deal with m$ to not develop linux drivers?

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    why not just get dsl, its faster, beter, and now only about 5$ a month more... (and about every enthranet modem on the world works in linux)

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