I'm fairly new to linux, so please have mercy.

  • Asus L3800C laptop,
    which utilizes ATI Radeon Mobilty 7500 (M7 LW)

  • Fedora Core 3

I'm attempting to use the dual head function to clone my laptop screen on the TV so I can watch my DVDs. That works, to some extent.
The problem is that there is a copy of the screen with inverted colours overlayed approx. 10cm from the bottom of the screen. (If someone knows a better description of the problem, don't hesitate to menition it) Obviously this ...., well, it sucks.
Here, http://bachusii.dyndns.org/whatever/X/, you'll find 2 pictures I've taken of the screen with the effect visible. As well as my xorg.conf file, the X log files (in the x1 directory those from a boot with the TV connected, in the x2 directory from a boot without the TV connected)
If I forgot to mention some info or forgot a log file, please ask. Tell me what's missing, what you're looking for in the missing part and I'll add it.

I did google, but I couldn't find anything that led me to a solution of this problem.
Has anyone seen this before? What causes it? What is the solution?