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    LinModem install issue...

    Hi again!

    I have another question.

    I am trying to setup my winmodem (or linmodem) which is a Lucent chipset. I have detected the chip and installed the package for my kernel version (2.4.20_ but still can't get it to be detected by the system.

    When detecting the modem chipset there are 2 lines that confuse me.
    One is gcc: no
    and cc: no

    (If I recall correctly). I also installed the i686 rpm instead of the i386 rpm.
    Does this make much of a difference?
    When I try to install the i386 rpm I get an "already installed" message but can't find out where to remove the i686.

    Does anyone know how I can resolve this as I wouldn't mind some internet at home!
    also, what is gcc?



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    Linux Newbie Darl's Avatar
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    Oct 2003
    I believe
    cc = C Compiler
    gcc = Gnu C Compiler.

    If you get 'no' on both, you definitely need a C Compiler of some sort. It should be on your install cd's.
    The other stuff I'm not sure about....

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    I need that to install an RPM?

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    Linux Newbie Darl's Avatar
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    Oct 2003
    Sorry, I was thinking .tar.gz
    I can't say for sure whether you need a cc to install an rpm.
    But if you have the cd's might as well give it a try....
    Regardless, I figure someone who really knows this stuff will come along soon

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    Thanks Darl!

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    Linux Engineer big_k105's Avatar
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    i dont know if you have finished getting your winmodem working or not and i dont know if you have already taken alook at this but here it is anyway


    hope this helps
    BIG K aka Kyle
    Programming Forums
    Please don\'t PM me for help-- ask in the forums instead!

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