Okay, this is my first post to this lovely site...with that said, I'm having an AWFULLY hard time finding drivers for my dual nortel baystack pcmcia setup. My goal? Well I'm making a laptop router/firewall. Back at home I was extrememly sucessful with the floppyfw ordeal on my 66mhz hunk-o-****! My old ass laptop doesn't have a floppy becuase I'm a dumbass and swapped out the driver for an extra battery...then lost the drive. Now I'm just stuck with dual battery and a cdrom. Specs are as follows:
-233mhz PI
-96 megs of SIMM
-3 gig hdd
-cd rom
-dual pcmcia slots, one usb

Okay, so there is this "cd firewall" distro out there I just found out, the iso is about 80ish megs. So I burn it and boot it, but it seems just like a regular distro, just a little less. ipconfig ****s up and I can never understand how to get eth0 active. I mean my understanding of linux console is alright but somethings like drivers and compiling I'm still learning.
Dual pcmcia nics in the laptop to serve as eth0 and eth1 to route.

Here's a little somethin'-somethin' for you guys, you may enjoy this:
Why cd firewall? I'm gonna route in my room for just my computers, and since our network is mac restricted, registration with the IT guys is required with them so they can add your mac to the dns. **** that, I jacked a mac from a lab comp (which was turned off ASAP) and spoofed it on my laptop now (that's how I'm posting this :O). Take the cd firewall, spoof the mac, and make it seem like there is only one computer in my room. Then I'm gonna throw up my AP since I can't spoof that in the firmware, and BOOM, I have my very own wireless for my dorm floor (my campus doesn't have wifi at all, I'm in Southeast Ohio with a pop. of 1600 undergrad...yeah...it's small)

All in all, sorry for the huge post, and definately sorry if i reposted a similar question. I'm just to ****in' pumped to get that wireless up, haha, my friends are flipping for it!

Thanks guys,