I have an old OKI dot matrix printer I would like to make use of.
Everything works fine using foomatic / okiibm but I would like to be able to send raw text to the printer (faster printing),
the raw driver from CUPS works but:
a) My printer needs CR/LF which is not sent (staircase effect)
b) I can't get the kde print system to send the original text to the printer, it insists on converting to postscript first ie. printing to the raw printer prints the postscript code not the original text. If I insert pstotext as a pre-print filter it complains that "The file format text/plain is not directly supported by the current print system." this is rather frustrating as I am TRYING to send text/plain to the printer.

This seems to be mostly a KDE problem as the CR/LF can be worked around fairly easily. the question is: how do I stop KDE from converting everything to postscript?