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    While turning on PC the tray of CDRom ejected automatically

    Hi folks,


    The tray of CDWriter is ejected automatically whenever turning on the PC. This only happens recently. On pressing the botton to push the tray back it is ejected again. I have to repeat several times before it stops. The tray is empty not loading with CD. The CDWriter is connected as master of secondary IDE. There is nothing wrong on FC3. It is still running strong without problem.

    Please advise how to check the OS to find the cause. TIA.


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    i ran into this in the past a few times actually ... what it was only once was in my bios after a power outage it actually changed a setting (a few to be exact) that did a couple kooky things... but more than likely it is a problem with your drives sliding track. on boot (power up) it sends commands to the drive saying basically that it needs to be shut (im sure you've rebooted with it open and found it shut by itself before) sometimes there are mechanical issues that basically says one of two things either 'i'm open so its time to shut' or 'i can't shut because something is in the way or not working so im going to open' if you have another box ... you can test it on that machine or afriends computer, or when it is open ... hard power off the machine and get a flashlight to check inside that nothing is actually caught in there. latter is less likely to resolve it because you said it is not a problem the rest of the time.

    more than likely you will not be able to do anything and it will do this for a while ... or until it decides it doesnt want to anymore . (hardware does that sometimes too ...) and you will just have to shrug your shoulders and stop rebooting your machine.
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    Hi fyrephlie,

    Tks for your advice.

    This problem only happened recently and occasionally. Not all times turning the PC or rebooting it got this problem happened.

    Previously I thought whether there will be some attack but in another thought a attack rarely happens on hardware. FC3 is running without problem.

    So I just leave it as it is.


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    It is theoretically possible (not highly likely, but possible and easy to fix) that the drive is just dirty. Try blowing as much dust and dirt out of that thing as you can. Just hard power off with the drive open, like the instructions above, but this time use canned air dusters to blow the thing out. This may not help, but I've rescued a couple of cd-rom drives this way.

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