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    Fix Hard Drive with DD command?

    hey, i'm kind of new to this, but there is something wrong withthe spreadtables, tables, whatever they are called on my hard disk and i was told i could repair them with DD command.

    what do i type in bash to get it to fix these tables?

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    You are probably talking about the partition tables or what not. One way to try to fix this is to use fdisk or sfdisk, because they may be able to help you fix the information. My suggestion until I can help you further: look up all you can on fdisk or sfdisk or stuff like that, because that may be able to help you better. I think that if 'dd' is used, the whole drive may be translated into a disk image (something that when written to an actual disk, shows the information in actual files).

    Just to comment, here is an example (basic) of how 'dd' would be used the way you may be talking about:
    dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/folder/ImageOfHardDrive bs=1024
    That would save the whole drive to an image file in a folder, and tell it to use 1 kilobyte (1024 bytes) as the basic size. So, if you can not do that, look up all you can on fdisk or sfdisk or stuff like that.

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