Hi Guys, Just finished building my 'new' Compaq ML330e server. Although I have a lot of experience with servers in general they're normally running some flavour of NT. I have just put together one for myself, and I'm running it in with SUSE10.
Specs are
  • 1.0GHz PIII
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4x20GB IDE HDD, RAID 5
    [*}ATI graphics chipet (embedded in RAID/network controller)
  • 2 x optical drives, one burner

Anyway, that aside I have set it up as mentioned in a RAID 5 configuration. I didn't see much about it in the BIOS so I set it up under SUSE. Two discs are identical, another has the same number of heads/sectors and the last was slightly larger. I trimmed the difference from the slightly larger one and made it my /boot, configuring the rest as /dev/md0.

The trick is I have never used software RAID, and certainly not under linux. Really what I'd like is anyone who has any experience to offer me any tips, log messages I should watch for, options if any if a disc fails etc. Are there any nice utilites or logs that give me specfic information on this?

Any help appreciated as always,