I'm trying to get a Zebra LP2844ps (http://tinyurl.com/95lfe) printer to work on either SuSE 9.1 or SuSE 10.0. There is a PPD file that comes with SuSE 10.0 but so far I've been unable to get the darn thing to work. Parallel port and USB have both been tried (RS-232 is next once I dig up a cable but I'm not holding my breath) along with SMB on a remote windows machine. CUPS or LPR doesn't seem to matter much.

I've had some trouble getting CUPS to do anything useful, though there are no obvious errors. I can log in to CUPS either through YAST or through a browser but I can't print on locally attached printers for some reason. (I can print to a laser printer on a networked windows box however... go figure) SAMBA is installed and works fine.

The printer itself works just fine on a windows box so it's not a hardware problem. Anyone have any ideas?