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    Onboard sound and pci sound both installed at the same time....problem

    Hey I'm new to both the linux community as well as these forums. My problem consists of having both my onboard sound and creative live! soundcard being installed. The onboard is I guess the default as sound will only come out when plugged in to it. My question is how do you uninstall hardware in linux so that I can resolve this issue. Before you suggest disabling the onboard in bios, I have already done this and since I've done this I'm really confused as to how linux can see my onboard sound when technically it doesn't have any resources assigned to it. Anyways any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

    Motherboard: Biostar M7VKD
    Onboard Sound: AC'97
    PCI Soundcard: Creative Live!
    Linux: Mandriva 2006 RC2

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    I'm not sure with sound but I have onboard video and a seperate video card and you don't "uninstall" the onboard video you just don't use it. So I plug my monitor into my AGP card and make sure that I have proper drivers and the such for that video to work. Now I may be completely wrong but I think you just need to get right ALSA stuff for your creative card and make sure that these modules are loaded and not the one's for your onboard audio. I'm not sure about mandriva but there is probably some control center like think in which you need to configure your sound for the creative card.
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    The same thing happened to me, except it installed my motherboard twice. Just go to the Sound Mixer, and choose the PCI card, that should work for you.

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    just disable your built in card in bios..
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    I had this same issue when I installed this particular Gentoo system. The best solution is to take the support for your AC'97 out of the kernel and compile the kernel again. Then you won't have any troubles, not to mention you will use less resources.
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    press delete or f1 or w.e to get into your bios and find the option to disable onboard sound

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    2 sound cards

    After you have disabled the onboard sound in the bios. You may have to
    delete that soundcard in linux. It shouldn't be detected again. I don't know
    how to do this in your distribution.

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