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Thread: Gentoo on EMT64

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    Gentoo on EMT64


    I managed to get my hands on a intel dual core pc which I believe is also known as EMT64. I was interested in installing Gentoo on it. I was wondering do I go with the Pentium 4 with smp with 2 processors or just the Pentium 4 with HT when compiling the kernel. I dont think this dual core supports HT, but I am just curious and also which realease do I go with x86, ia64 or it does not matter ?



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    Firstly, I haven't installed gentoo. But from what I have read, the intel 8xx series (Dual core, 64-bit) cpu's don't have hyper-threading (atleast the extreme editions don't). Now being a x86_64 system, i'd say you have to go with the x86_64 install of gentoo. And IA64 as far as I know is for Itaniums.

    Also, it may have been better if you had posted this in the gentoo forum.
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