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Thread: Which Notebook?

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    Which Notebook?

    It seems most people point to IBMs for linux notebooks (for good reason) and curses dell and especially HP for linux support. First question: how possilbe is it to do a dual boot on a laptop w/ each of these brands?

    Second: Ive read a small amount of posts showing "flawless" installation on Toshiba machines. They make good stuff IMO (for windows at least...which says alot). Anyone have experience with this?

    Also, since im looking at Intel Extreme Graphics, does anyone know how well those run dvds on linux?

    Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated, along with any other pointers you may have. thanks

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    I would definitely recommend toshiba, the on i am on now, has lasted for 2 years with no problems, been in about 11 conuntries with it, manhandled it and everything . Intel Extreme should be OK, as long as you get the drivers for it.

    Dual booting is the same on any type of computer (desktop/laptop) so there shouldnt be any problems there

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    U've got website dedicated on that: and linux-laptops. Here u could find reports from guys who successfully install linux on their laptop.
    Finally when u will be decided on a model check carefully google on each pieces of the desired laptop. So u'll see the problems others encounter with this model

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