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    d-link dsl-200 adsl modem with redhat 9.0

    hi all,

    i am a total novice with linux to say the least. just installed and been playing with it for about four hours. got the printer working woo! hoo!

    now for the modem.

    the modem mentioned above, how do i get it working basically.

    got a guide from here

    but even this is too advanced. i need a really simple step by step guide. for example how do i run a command. guide says run command uname-r but how.

    hope some one can help a real numptie out as i really want to learn linux as i have had enough of 8 years of windows. (thanks bill)

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    ok so i have now completed step 1 and most of 2 from article apart from last line in step 2. when i try and copy file it says access denied. when the properties of that folder are looked at only owner can write to folder and it says i am not the owner. i am logged on as a user and when ever i try and change anything it asks for admin password. but even when i give password it still says access denied.

    any clues as this problem also applies to step 4.

    i really need to get my internet connection working to give linux a chance.

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    Any fiddling about you do in a directory that isn't under your user's home directory then you'll probably need to be logged in as root.

    Open a terminal window and type 'su -'

    This will put you in as superuser and will allow you to do all the copying and writing in the rest of the steps.
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    cheers chris

    next problem now

    step 4 on guide

    adsl file is there but has no known application to open it with. how do i open it and edit it like in the above guide "step 4".

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