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    how to load SCSI automatictly

    Hi Forum

    I have two hardisk, one IDE and the other is SCSI. I have installed linux suse 9 and use
    /dev/hda1 for /
    /dev/hda2 for /usr
    /dev/sda1 for /home/xxxx
    /dev/sda3 for /home

    I don't have problem during the instalation BUT while i restart my computer, Linux cannot mount my SCSI automatictly. So every time I restart my computer i must mount SCSI manually. And my data on which SCSI is mounted are gone.

    Any one have some idea to solve this problem? much appreciate

    Best regard

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    You will have to modify your modules.conf file to autoload the modules usbcore, ehci-hcd, scsi_mod, usb-storage and sd_mod so your SCSI drive can be mounted and make available your /home partitions. If this doesn't work then, you will have to compile a new initrd image by using the following line:
    mkinitrd --preload=usbcore --preload=scsi_mod --preload=ehci-hcd --preload=scsi_mod --preload=usb-storage --preload=sd_mod <new-initrd-image-name with location> <your-kernel-version>
    Don't forget to include any other modules you might need to boot your system using the --preload= construct.

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