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    Sound card problems

    I am fairly new to Linux ... I am running Debian Sarge, and am not getting sound
    on one of my machines (an old PII 233Mhz 192MB Dell). I tryed disabling the
    motherboard sound, and put in a Sound Blaster ISA PNP card... still no luck.
    I am not sure what if any of this is relevent ... (perhaps someone could tell me what to look for?) but the syslog shows
    isapnp: scanninig fo pnp cards...
    pnp: SB audio device quirk - increasing port range.
    isapnp: Card Creative ViBRA16C pnp
    pciehp:acpi_pciehprm: get_device pci root hid fail=0x1001
    shpchp:acpi_shpchprm: get_device pci root hid fail=0x1001
    pnp: Device 01:01.01 activated.
    gameport:ns558 pnp at pnp 01:01.01 io 200 size 8 speed 693khz

    I also noticed there is no device /dev/dsp

    Any suggestions (I am even willing to get a new sound card, if I must)?
    The motherboard supports both PCI and ISA bus.

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    I have been trying to figure this out ... and this is what I have found out so far ...

    With the original sound card there was a /dev/dspW device, which after a bit of
    looking around is a 16bit sound card interface (unfortunately there was no 8 bit
    interface, which is what most software uses, hence my original problem).
    That interface went away when I disabled it,
    but the software is appearently still looking for the old soundcard,
    and ignoring the "new" soundcard.

    So the question becomes ...
    Can I get my Debian Sarge Linux to recognize that the old soundcard is gone,
    and the new one exists, or must I reinstall Linux?


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    Backed off to 2.4 kernal

    Reinstalled linux sarge with 2.6 kernal ... no luck at all .... still no /dev/dsp devices.
    Reinstalled Debian Sarge (again) this time with the 2.4 kernal ... still no sound,
    but have lots of /dev/dsp and /dev/audio devices.
    Even though /dev/dsp shows up with the ls command, esd claims
    " /dev/dsp: No such device"
    anyone know what I should try (or look at) next???

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    I ran ALSACONF and sound works ... until I reboot.
    I installed alsa-base alsa-utils and alsa-modules... ran alsaconf, then sound worked
    (mostly ... the parts that use alsa anyway) on Debian Sarge (linux 2.4).
    So I went back and installed Debian Sarge (linux 2.6), then alsa-base and alsa-utils.
    I ran alsaconf and sound works very well indeed ... until I shutdown ... so I have
    to run alsaconf everytime I boot.
    Does anyone know how to make the changes permanent.

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    I have sound!!! I added my sound driver snd-????,
    where ???? was the sound driver selected by ALSACONF,
    to /etc/modules

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