I have troubles with my hardware: intel 915GV chipset board with video integrated, monitor is AOC 7GLRA+

Both support 1152x864 at v100.3Hz, h91,6kHz ( currently under winXP)

I tried several live distributions and also started several instalations, all with same end

After I reboot to knoppix, either with no options( just run 'knoppix'), or with any of thinkable resolutions( tested with screen=1152x864, 1024x768; vsync=91, 72; hsync=100, nothing; xmodule=vesa) nothing worked.
Knoppix starts finding hardware, but just when it should initialize video&monitor, my screen goes crazy( just vertical lines with no sense...) I run in expert mode with same result.
I also tried SuSE & Mandriva live CDs with same error.

I would like to install one of those distributions( I already tried debian, but it doesnt support SATA in stable version...), but before own installation I'd like to try it( I have already winXP with a lot of data and do not want risk too much...)

Any help is appreciated.


PS: I tried Fedora install CD, it finished after probing Video Card( correctly found i915) and Monitor Type( correctly found AOC Spectrum)
It seemed as if installer tried to switch to another video mode after founding this hardware. After that, monitor goes crazy and in several seconds, system was automatically rebooted...