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    external usb drive (ntfs) will not mount properly

    hey everyone

    ive just finished installing fedora core 4 on my dell 700m. everything has gone well, except for one thing. i have the linux ntfs module installed properly. whenever i connect my usb drive (LaCie Silverscreen 80 GB), without any entry in the /etc/fstab, it mounts it ok in the media folder. but if i am logged in as anything other than root i cannot view the files on the drive.

    when i am logged in as root, i edited the /etc/fstab file with the correct string with sda1 (which is what the Harware Browser states when i first connect the drive):
    /dev/sda1 /mnt/SILVERSCREEN_80 ntfs ro,umask=0222 0 0

    and it worked. i can select the folder's properties and see that it makes the drive read only for all users

    BUT, when i log out of root, and log back in with my user name 'phil,' the drive is no longer mounted at all. when i type in 'mount' at the command prompt, it is not listed as sda1, its not even there. there drive is still listed under the Hardware Browser as sda1 though.

    this is so confusing. i know that it is not good to be logged in as root all the time, and i don't want to log in to root everytime i want to listed to my music...

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    fstab options

    To let a non-root user make use of an entry in the fstab, you need to add the "user" or "users" option to the entry.

    /dev/sda1 /mnt/SILVERSCREEN_80 ntfs users,ro,umask=0222 0 0
    "user" means any user can mount the drive but then only that user (or root) can unmount it. "users" means that any user and mount it and a different user can unmount it.

    Also, the "ro" option and the "umask" option should be doing the same thing so one of them isn't required but I don't think having them both present is a problem.

    More can be found at

    Hope that helps,
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