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    cups + HP LaserJet 4 Plus = extra blank page following every print job

    Anyone have any ideas on why I might be getting a blank page after every print job? It wasn't like this when I was running FC3. Seems to be a new problem with FC4.

    here's my setup:
    HP LaserJet 4 Plus
    HP-LaserJet_4_Plus-ljet4.ppd from

    even if someone has ideas on how to trouble shoot this problem would be appreciated.



    ps: here's a snippet from my /var/log/cups/error_log showing startup, print and shutdown.

    I [31/Dec/2005:09:45:05 -0800] Listening to 7f000001:631
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:45:05 -0800] Loaded configuration file "/etc/cups/cupsd.conf"
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:45:05 -0800] Configured for up to 100 clients.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:45:05 -0800] Allowing up to 100 client connections per host.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:45:05 -0800] Full reload is required.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:45:05 -0800] LoadPPDs: Read "/etc/cups/ppds.dat", 4228 PPDs...
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:45:06 -0800] LoadPPDs: No new or changed PPDs...
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:45:06 -0800] Full reload complete.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:45:16 -0800] Started "/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=4856)
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:49:13 -0800] Adding start banner page "none" to job 1.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:49:13 -0800] Adding end banner page "none" to job 1.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:49:13 -0800] Job 1 queued on 'hp' by 'p'.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:49:13 -0800] Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops (PID 4898 ) for job 1.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:49:13 -0800] Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip (PID 4899) for job 1.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:49:13 -0800] Started backend /usr/lib/cups/backend/parallel (PID 4900) for job 1.
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:57:23 -0800] Started "/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=4998 )
    I [31/Dec/2005:09:57:27 -0800] Scheduler shutting down normally.

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    You've probably already checked, but is it possible that it's a Letter vs A4 paper-size issue?

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    not a letter vs a4 problem

    ah, I didn't think of that, but I just checked via the webserver (http://localhost:631) and it shows the setup to be "US letter." If I send a multiple-page job, everything comes out fine, but I still get the blank page at the end.

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