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Thread: That smell...

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    That smell...

    You all know that smell...the smell of burning hardware. Shortly after my GF4 takes its place on my Wall of Defunkt Hardware, my week old 128MB USB drive will join it.

    When I replaced my powersupply, I pulled the mobo tray out of my case, requiring me to disconnect my front USB ports. When I replaced everything, I *thought* I had them wired correctly, only to discover today that burning smell emanating from my USB drive that I had just plugged into one of them. Crosswired. d0h.

    And I just spilled coffee on my desk...nice. Didn't hit anything vital, so it's all good. Classic Monday morning, eh?
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    that sucks but it is a normal monday i would say
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    i once killed a floppy drive by putting the controller cable in upside down.. only to find out later that floppy controllers have one pin blocked out on the cable.. so that one place on the cable that had no hole for a pin pushed in one of the pins on the drive and completely fubar'ed it... anybody want a paperweight?
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