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    Hardware suggestion

    Hi folks,

    I'm preapared to build a 64bit AMD box for TEST purpose NOT for producion. I haven't had a budget in mind but prefer to be economical as possible. My preliminary setup as follows;

    CPU 64 bit AMD Athlon 3000+/3200+ 939 socket
    RAM 1G DDR400/500
    OS Linux/Unix

    please recommend;
    Motherboard - with build-in sound card and "VGA card", if possible to save the cost of a VGA card
    VGA - card with DVI input
    SATA 80G 7,200rpm HD, 8MD cache memmory

    I will retain the old CDWriter 12x/8x/32x

    Any suggestion would be appreciated. TIA

    BR and Happy New Year

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    1. I don't think any motherboard with a builtin vga card would have a dvi output as you stated was the requirement for your video card. Otherwise, for a good performing board, you can't go wrong with a board based on the nForce-4 Ultra chipset. They have built in sound cards (AC97 based ones).

    2. A card with DVI input, that I don't know, but DVI output, there should be plenty to choose from. If you want a mid range one, go for a GeForce 6600, or for a low end one, go for a GeForce 6200.

    3. Segate 80GB SATA drives are good, I don't know if they come with 8MB cache for a drive with that low space. But I know that some of their 120 and 160GB drives come with 8MB cache, and costs roughly $30 more.

    Otherwise it is a good setup. If you want save some money by not getting DDR500 RAM, rather get low-latency DDR 400 RAM.
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