Hi folks,

CPU: Athlon 1.4G
Motherboard: 2th Max 8KHA
RAM: PC2100, 2x250MB
HD: Empty/HD: FC3

While I was playing Knoppix LiveCD the PC hung without response to any key input compelling me to hard reset the PC. On reboot the PC did not start, no signal output to the LCD monitor. The lights of CDRom, CDWriter and HD flashed and I heard the noisy of the floppy moving. But the PC did not start. The LED on the motherboard indicated "FF".

I reconnected the orignal HD which has FC3 running to the PC. Turned on the PC, still the same, no signal output to the LCD monitor. The LED on motherboard after running a while stopped indicating "FF".

I let the PC standing there a while. Turn it on again. This time the PC worked with signal output to monitor and FC3 started finally. After working about 2~3 minutes the PC hung again. The previous problem reoccurred.

Kindly advise where I have to check. If the problem comes from the motherboard. What replacement shall I look for? This is an old box with old motherboard. I must get another motherboard of similar spec in order to use other old components, RAM, Graphic Card, CPU, etc.


(I post this message on another computer)