I had Windows 98 and SUSE Linux 9.0 on one hard drive using 3 partitions. My setup was this HD0,1 was windows; HD0,2 was the swap file, and HD0,3 was the Linux partition. I reinstalled windows 98 and overwrote the MBR. Well then I got a new computer and and put the old drive in it. So now it goes like this: HD0 is the new drive; HD0,1 is Windows XP; HD0,2 is for personal files for one user; HD0,3 is for personal files for another user; HD1 is the old drive; HD1,1 is the Windows partition which I formatted to NTFS for more personal files; HD1,2 is a swap file for Linux 9.0; HD1,3 I have no clue what it is; HD1,4 is SUSE Linux 9.0; HD1,5 is a swap file for Linux 10.0; and HD1,6 is for SUSE Linux 10.0. SinceI overwrote the MBR I have not been able to boot Linux 9.0. I do not have the 9.0 CD's anymore. I then bought SUSE linux 10.0 though I like 9.0 better. 9.0 had much better games. The partition won't mount when I boot it. It thinks that its supposed to boot into the hd1,3 partition even though I changed its settings in SUSE 10.0 to boot into the HD1,4 partition. Trying to update some of the 9.0 packages to 10.0, SUSE told me to go to this website because of the partition problems; <http://portal.suse.com/sdb/en/2003/03/fhassel_not_possible.html>. It does not exist. Would updating some of the packages ruin the games on 9.0? Is there a way to change the partition problems? I can copy partitions. Would copying the Linux partition to HD0,3 fix the problem?

Oh yeah: can you run games from one Linux installation in another. I want to play beneath a steel sky from 9.0. I can run 10.0 and can view files from 9.0 in the media thingmanginy.