I have an Acer Travelmate 3000 that I run Ubunty 5.10 on. The only sound outputs on this laptop is in the front, and that is not very practical when I'm using it at home (with my HiFi stereo).

To make it a bit more easy and pretty to connect my laptop to the stereo at home, I'm planning to buy myself an external (USB) soundcard. Because I've spent a bit money on my HiFi, I want a high quality card that can deliver analog signals to my stereo better than the average mainstream soundcard.

Does anyone have suggestions for a card that suits my needs? I have 375 $ (US. dollars) or 310 to use on this soundcard.

BTW: All the music on the PC is ripped directly from original CD's in FLAC format, so dont say that you can't hear the difference when listening to MP3's.