I connected HP Colarado 5GB Tape drive to my linux machine.

When I checked the status of my tape drive using mt -f /dev/st0 I got

SCSI 2 tape drive:
File number=0, block number=0, partition=0.
Tape block size 512 bytes. Density code 0x45 (QIC-3095-MC (TR-4)).
Soft error count since last status=0
General status bits on (41010000):

But When I tried to copy some while to the tape drive using tar command
tar cvf /dev/st0 sample

I got error as follows
tar: /dev/st0: Cannot write: Input/output error tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

But When I tried the follwing cpio command ,it works fine.
find sample | cpio -ov -H newc > /dev/st0

Can anybody tell me why this occur.

Thanks & Regards