I put together a computer to be my dedicated Linux rig.

It's a Gateway Essential 800C-
- Intel 82810e Chipset
- Integrated Intel Graphics
- 1 Ghz Pentium 3 Socket 370 CPU
- 512 PC133
- eVga FX 5500 PCI Graphics Card (NO AGP slot on the mobo)
- Linksys 10/100 PCI Ethernet Card

After wiping the hard drive to zeros (each time), I have failed to have any of these Distros properly load the drivers or use the FX 5500-

Suse 10 OSS, Xandros, Mandrake 10, Ubuntu, Mepis and Lycoris.

The Bios has the option to select the primary video, and I have selected "External PCI".

The problem is that the distros will either show the Intel as Primary Video or, when trying to switch from Intel to FX 5500, the screen will be go black- nothing, nada, zip!

This happens on all but Xandros and Mandrake- Xandros won't let me switch it in the Control Center, and Mandrake can't properly load the driver during the install.

I am hoping it is a driver issue that I might be able to resolve after the distro is installed. My plans were to have this a triple boot machine, with Windows XP, Xandros and Suse 10. Otherwise I will have to sell the rig as a Windows machine, as Windows XP does see both adapters and allows me to disable the Intel in the OS.

I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations, but please understand I am a noob when it comes to Linux.