I've got a maxtor cdrw dvd combo drive, and it works just fine as a cd-rom, but I can't get the burner or dvd functionality working. I'm pretty new to linux, so I've probably not tried the obvious things that would make it work.
It recognises the drive as a cd burner, but when I try to use it as such, it tells me that it does not have a blank cd in it (and I've tried several cds, several brands either, so I doubt it's a problem with the media). Of course, I had this problem in windows, too. I've never had much luck with cd burners..
When I stick a dvd in there, it can see the file structure just fine, but when I try to run a dvd player (like ogle), it can't find the device. I've tried pointing dev/dvd to the device, but that doesn't seem to work either.
And any time I put anything in the cd drive that it can't recognise, it refuses to spit the cd back out.
Like I said, hopefully it's just something stupid and easy, but you've gotta learn it at some point, right?