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    radeon 9600 not working after kernel recompile

    Alright, I'm running gentoo
    I've recently changed my kernel from 2.6.14 to via manually compiling the new source code but keeping my .config file the same

    After the re-compile I notice that doing lsmod no longer shows any modules being used, this is fine for most things as everything else still work , the only problem is that
    the 3d capabilities of my radeon (opengl etc) are not severely reduced in framerate , and apps such as UT2004 simply don't run. Everything worked fine before the kernel change.


    I re-compiled the kernel again , building agpgart and the ATI module (under character devices in "make menuconfig") as modules and re-emerged the ati-drivers package

    So , I try and load or modprobe the fglrx module and see the following error message

    FATAL: Error inserting fglrx (/lib/modules/ Invalid module format

    so , I am assuming for some reason my drivers can't be loaded (although Xorg still works fine as it used to) , although I'm a little stumped as to why considering I didnt change anything except the kernel version...

    I have also tried running through the ATI Xorg setup program , the process completes fine but doesnt solve the problem , I am assuming this is because 3D stuff isnt anything to do with Xorf configuration?

    The only module that is now shown in lsmod is agpgart when there were used to be several more when I used the previous kernel, running "fglrxinfo" not tells me that my opengl vendor is "Mesa project" when it previously mentioned ATi.. So pherhaps this is not a driver issue , but simply an opengl configuration one?

    Needless to say I am somewhat confuised

    Any ideas?

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    when you compiled the kernel the first time did youy do "make" and then "make modules_install"?

    in the recompiliation, did you enable the dri setting for your graphics card? it is fine to enable agpgart, but the prop. ati drivers will not work if you enabled dri in the kernel.

    hope this helps a bit,
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    I did a make and make modules_install...

    is dri a kernel option?


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    ati-drivers need to be reinstalled after a kernel is compiled
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