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    Only temporary write access to my external hard drive.

    I have an external hard drive inserted into my laptop running slackware. Whenever I plug it in, I initially can rename, move delete files. However, after a short period of time, I lose this write access.

    My fstab entry for the drive is

    /dev/sda1        /Externaldrive   vfat        defaults         0   0
    Could someone help me obtain permanent write priveleges?

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    after defaults add umask=000

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    When I do that, it says the new line is bad. Where exactly do I put this "umask=000"?

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    /dev/sda1 /Externaldrive vfat defaults, rw, umask=000 0 0

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    Line is still bad.

    /dev/hda2        swap             swap        defaults                    0   0
    /dev/hda1        /                ext2        defaults                    1   1
    /dev/hda3        /windows         vfat        defaults                    0   0
    /dev/sda1        /Externaldrive   vfat        defaults, rw, umask=000     0   0
    /dev/sdb1        /Iriver          vfat        noauto,user,rw              0   0
    /dev/cdrom       /mnt/cdrom       auto        noauto,owner,ro             0   0
    #/dev/fd0         /mnt/floppy      auto        noauto,owner               0   0
    devpts           /dev/pts         devpts      gid=5,mode=620              0   0
    proc             /proc            proc        defaults                    0   0
    none		/sys		sysfs		defaults	          0   0
    OK, I'm an idiot. There were spaces between the "defaults", the "rw" and the "umask=000", as you can see. It's mounted now, just gotta see if it lasts.

    What do I change the topic title to if it does?

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    OK, it doesn't work. The drive mounts, but I cannot write (no renaming, no creating new files). There option to rename is there, unlike before, but I get an error. The permissions also state that I should be able to write.

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