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    fan control problem

    I am a total linux newbie. I've just installed SUSE linux 10.0 from a download. The installation went fine, except that I still cannot connect to the internet using linux (I have a dual boot system) Turns out my cable modem only supports linux via an ethernet connection, I have it set up as a USB connection, but this problem will be easy enough to fix.

    More difficult is a fan control problem I am having. I use a Sony rx-640 computer. The fan (case fan) apparently runs at two speeds in normal operation. When I boot to Windows, it runs very fast (and loud) until boot up is finished, then it switches to a normal, quiet level. The problem is, when I boot to linux, the fan runs fast and loud all the time. It's pretty annoying. Sounds like a jet engine warming up. Is there anything a newbie can do about it?

    I've done a little research on the issue and come up with some hits. The most helpful one is

    But I'm still not really sure what I can do to fix the problem.

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    I think lm_sensors has a program fancontrol.

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